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Our qualifications in wiring are stated in our “History.”

  • We use the best of materials (American-made when available)
  • To do a 30-minute in-home consultation, the cost would be $40.00 plus travel expense of $2 per mile round trip
  • To pick up a chandelier and bring it to the shop for wiring, the cost would be $50.00 plus travel expense of $2 per mile round trip
  • Our general travel range is from Bradentown to Venice unless special arrangements are made in advance.
  • We polish but do not lacquer. Everything is raw brass. We send out high polishing and lacquering to a third party
  • We repair and/or cut down marble and glass lamps
  • We perform antiquing of brass and other metals in house
  • We core drill glass and porcelain (no guarantee)
  • We rewire all types of residential lighting
  • We repair all types of edison, candle, and halogen lighting
  • We change European sockets to American sockets
  • We french wire (wire fixtures on the out were no channel is available inside the piece.
  • We use 18/2 gauge wire even if we have to enlarge holes
  • On a few occations we use 20/2 gauge wire
  • We DO NOT wire with 22/2 gauge wire unless a 25w or less bulb is being used
  • Normal cost to wire a single socket lamp is $27, $12 parts and $15 labor
  • Normal cost to wire a single socket floor lamp is ~$48, $18 parts and $25 to $35 labor
  • Cost to wire a chandelier or other fixture is based on the number of lights

We cannot guarantee the cutting or drill of glass or other items do to their age, time and stress, natural quality (such as graining in marble), or previous improper engineering (such as using locktight on all threads). Therefore, all repairs are done at the customers responsiblity.